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Bruce Lee is one of those unique individuals with which people of every rage, creed, nationality and social condition can identify equally. His life is an example of constant struggle against adversities, personal overcoming, continuous learning and an inner search focused to grow as a human being, to know himself and, over all, to apply that knowledge.

His is a remarkable story, from the inexhaustible source of experience that was his infancy in Hong Kong, where he became a child film star, through his love and most sincere and absolute dedication to the martial arts, his inexhaustible yearning for knowledge, his love for studying, his relationships with big film stars such as Steve McQueen, James Coburn or Roman Polanski (among many others), to the racism and rejection of Hollywood.


His return to Hong Kong to become the biggest film star in Asia with just four films, made first Hollywood and then the whole world bow at his feet and recognize his incalculable worth as a human being, martial artist, actor and source of inspiration to millions.


His untimely death in 1973 at only 32 turned him into a legend and gave him the status of a cult figure. Three decades later, his example continues inspiring millions worldwide. This is his story.



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